Pit Furnace Manufacturer in Kolkata

Pit Furnace in Kolkata

Saesha Engineering Works is a leading Pit Furnace Manufacturer in Kolkata. We offer a wide range of pit type heat processing up to a capacity of 100 MT for thickening, annealing, normalizing, carburizing, nitriding, and tempering to provide to trades like fastener, bearing, forge parts, gears etc. in steel industries.

The pit furnace can additionally offer quenching abilities and washing machines to gratify client’s needs.

Application Areas of Pit Furnace:

---> Annealing below a shielding environment
---> Isothermal Annealing
---> Carbonitriding
---> Decarb annealing
---> Ferritic Nitro Carburizing
---> Case Hardening

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